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Learn how to get maximum production from your farm with these articles from our contributing authors.
Are We Improving, Staying the Same, or Getting Worse?
by Mireille Chahine, University of Idaho
Joanna M. Lukas and Jeffrey K. Reneau, University of Minnesota

Monitoring not only cow performance, but also monitoring and organizing people performance will be the hallmarks of dairy management success in the future. Learn how Statistical process control (SPC) (a tool that has been used for a long time in other branches of the industry) is used to manage dairy quality. Read the article...
COBRA: A New Type of Record Analysis
by Mark L. Kinsel, DVM, PhD

As dairy operations have become more and more sophisticated, so has the information systems required to manage them. In the last 25 years, dairy records systems have evolved into critical components of the dairy’s ability to make wise management decisions. During this same period, research has focused on developing new analytical tools to identify suboptimal performance. One recent advance in record analysis is the concept of "COBRA". Read the article...
Statistical Process Control (SPC) For Use in Monitoring Herd BTSCC
Modified from Chapter 3, HERD HEALTH by J.K. Reneau and M.L. Kinsel, WD Sanders 2001

Statistical Process Control (SPC) is one of the most powerful tools for process improvement. However, unless SPC is used as a part of a production system where the idea of continuous improvement is embraced it is just another way of representing data in a graph. This article will explain the value of SPC and its importance in todays modern dairy. Read this article... (PDF document)
Attitude is Key to Process Improvement
(Adapted from Chapter 3, Herd Health 4th edition, J.K. Reneau and M.L. Kinsel)

The greatest barrier to achieving and maintaining Ideal farm process is attitude. Only by commitment to the concept of continuous process improvement and a continuous monitoring system that alerts the herd manager can process entropy be overcome. Read the article...
Mastitis & Milk Quality Problem Identification with Cause and Effect Diagrams
Effective problem solving begins with a clear understanding of the systems / processes that effect mastitis and milk quality. To often diagnostic tests are run and conclusions drawn with an insufficient understanding of all factors affecting milk quality or mastitis. Read the entire article...
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