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AgriMetrica Delivers Turn-Key Data Monitoring Solution for Dairy Professionals
AgriMetrica Delivers Turn-Key Data Monitoring Solution for Dairy Professionals

- MilkLab Helps Dairies to Increase Production Quality and Profitability -

Burton,Washington - February 9, 2004 -AgriMetrica, LLC, a technology supplier dedicated to providing turn-key solutions to the dairy industry, today announced the availability of MilkLab™, a data monitoring system for tracking and analyzing milk quality test results. MilkLab gives dairy producers and designated consultants a powerful tool for making timely and informed decisions to increase milk quality, milk yield and profitability.

MilkLab is a completely automated internet-based system that receives milk test results from milk testing labs or co-ops for analysis and presentation to dairy professionals via their web browser.

MilkLab analyzes milk data using statistical process control (SPC) and generates easy-to-understand graphical reports. Milk components monitored by MilkLab include protein, fat, somatic cell count (SCC), and milk urea nitrogen (MUN).

MilkLab can be configured to automatically generate email alerts to immediately notify you whenever preset conditions occur. This valuable system enables the dairy professional to quickly take necessary corrective action to avoid costly problems. Email alerts can be set to four levels of sensitivity and for specific categories such as performance, nutrition and health.

"The MilkLab system is great," said Russ Frederick, owner of Highland Dairy, a producer for AMPI in Waseca, Minnesota. "All my consultants love it. My nutritionist loads the new data each evening, and makes immediate adjustment recommendations to try the next day. And the graphs are super. The data makes sense instead of wading through numbers in a pile."

How MilkLab Works

The MilkLab system receives milk-testing data directly from your milk processor, testing lab, co-op or creamery. You simply log-on through MilkLab’s password-protected secure servers to view visual reports. The data is updated daily providing you almost instantaneous feedback. No waiting for outdated pages in the mail!

Milk processors and testing labs supporting MilkLab currently include:
  • Land O’Lakes in the mid-west and eastern regions
  • Associated Milk Producers in Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North/South Dakota and Wisconsin.
  • Tillamook Cheese in Oregon
  • Foremost Farms, USA in Wisconsin
  • Grande Cheese Company in Wisconsin
"The MilkLab program is the first significant real-time production data analysis tool for dairymen," said Ray Cherry, Director of Midwest Milk Supply for Land O'Lakes. "Manufacturing processes have long used statistical process control to monitor results and take immediate corrective action. With MilkLab, we can apply continuous process improvement to the dairy as in any other traditional business."

Best practices meets technology

The MilkLab system analyzes trends in milk data based on your dairy’s own historical performance. These powerful tools detect whether changes in your dairy’s performance are normal "background" variation or the start of a true change (problem). MilkLab’s benchmarking system also allows you to compare your dairy’s results against the combined results of similar dairies.

Making your consultants work for you

MilkLab improves your consultants’ effectiveness by allowing you to grant (and revoke) access to your data via the MilkLab system. Imagine your veterinarians, nutritionists and other consultants monitoring your results, even when they are not on the farm. When they do visit your dairy, they will be better prepared, saving you both time and money.

MilkLab also has a special annotation feature that allows you to easily interact with your consultants. Once they have reviewed your dairy’s performance, anyone with assigned access can write notes ("annotations") in the dairy's record. These notes are stored with your dairy data so that they can be reviewed even months later. No more trying to remember what happened when!

Pricing and availability

The MilkLab subscription service is priced at $12.99 a month for bulk tank monitoring. Dairy producers should contact their field representative to start the service. AgriMetrica offers tailored programs to milk processors who offer MilkLab to their producers. To see a MilkLab demonstration or receive more information contact AgriMetrica at 206/686-MILK (6455) or visit us on the web at http://www.agrimetrica.com.

AgriMetrica helps dairy professionals make informed decisions that improve milk production, milk quality, reproduction and animal health by creating products to address the needs of dairy producers, consultants, processors, and allied industry companies. Some of our products include:
  • The Dairy Wellness Plan Manager™, a reproductive management evaluation software program developed as a joint venture with Pfizer Animal Health and part of the Dairy Wellness Plan protocol for dairies.
  • DairyORACLE™, a computer simulation tool that predicts the impact of dairy management decisions.
  • MilkLab™, an online milk quality analysis tool, using advanced SPC and graphical visualization tools.
  • PenPal™, a data collection system for analyzing pen-based data on dairies.
  • ParlorPal™, a data collection system for analyzing parlor-related data on dairies.
  • DairyAssessment.com™, a generic web-based assessment building system that allows users to build, test, and collect data from an assessment they design using the web and handheld computers.
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