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What is MilkLab™?
MilkLab™ is a system that tracks your milk quality over time. Using statistical process control analysis and graphical visualization tools, the dairy farmer and / or dairy advisors can more easily determine cause and effect of dairy management decisions on milk quality.
How does MilkLab work?
In cooperation with your creamery, co-op, or testing laboratory, your milk test results are transmitted to our secure servers on a regular and timely schedule. Our system processes the data using statistical process control algorithms to create an easy-to-understand graphical interpretation of the test results. Then the dairy farmer has 24x7 access to the secure server with an ordinary web browser to view the results.
Which milk parameters are monitored by MilkLab?
MilkLab is designed to monitor your milk for fat, protein, somatic cell count(SCC) and milk urea nitrogen (MUN). Some farms are not tested for all four parameters, so check with your testing lab and/or creamery to determine which parameters apply to your farm.
What equipment do I need for MilkLab?
All you need is a personal computer equipped with a web browser and a connection to the Internet. If you are reading this online, then you have what you need.
Who should use MilkLab?
Dairy farmers that are ready to focus attention on their profitablity by improving the value of the milk they produce.
What is Statistical Process Control?
The purpose of Statistical Process Control (SPC) is to detect and characterize process variation quickly and easily. SPC begins with a mathematical analysis of results to determine whether a variation is within normal operating ranges or indicates a real change in the process. If a real process change is indicated, the farmer must determine the cause of the change, whether the change is desireable, and take corrective action if required.
How will MilkLab make my dairy more profitable?
The value of your milk production depends upon the fat and protein percentage components. Our analyses help you indentify trends for early detection of problems that adversely effect these components. Conversely our system will help you to indentify those practises that have a positive effect on results as well.
How much will MilkLab cost?
Prices for Milklab start at $12.99 per month for bulk tank monitoring. Please see our pricing page for more information
I already have DHIA, is MilkLab any different?
Unlike DHIA records, data is sent to MilkLab the same day that the lab completes the test, so your results are available in days, not months. Also, MilkLab uses a sophisticated trend analysis technique called "Statistical Process Control" (SPC) to analyze your dairy's current performance against your dairy's own historical performance. This technique detects whether the current performance is the same or significantly different than past performance allowing you to answer the question "Am I getting better, getting worse, or staying the same?" Finally, MilkLab allows consultants that you choose to view and report on your results from wherever they are immediately if they have Internet access.
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