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PenPal Frequently Asked Questions
What is ParlorPal™?
ParlorPal™ is a data collection system for gather milk parlor-based data. Data is collected on farms with a Windows Mobile-based handheld device, which performs some basic analysis, and is then transmitted (real-time if an internet connection is available) to our web system for further analysis. The current software allows users to record milk prep times in the parlor and as well as milking machine evaluation data according to the National Mastitis Council (NMC) guidelines. Uploaded milking machine evaluations can be stored indefinately and printed on NMC-approved forms automatically.
What equipment do I need to use ParlorPal?
All you need to use ParlorPal is a handheld computer / PDA that uses Windows Mobile 5.0 or higher as it's operating system and an internet connection. The internet connection does not have to be "live" when you are recording data as data can be saved and uploaded later. If you do have a live internet connection, either by wireless through the handheld or by having the handheld synched to a second computer that has a live connection, you can manage your account and data on the handheld. The recording device can be a handheld, smart phone, or any other device that using Windows Mobile 5.0 or higher.
How much does ParlorPal cost?
Prices for ParlorPal are based on an annual handheld license which includes unlimited use, software upgrades, and techical support for a year. Please see our pricing page for more information
How is my data protected?
AgriMetrica takes data security very seriously. We have confidentialy agreements in place with all of our corporate sponsors. To view our corporate confidentiality policy, go here. Our servers are located in a bank vault in southern California that is guarded arounded the clock. We have several redundant servers ... if one goes down, another one will pick up. All of our web sites are password-protected for data security. The account manager controls all access to the data and may remove access for any other individual at any time.
How is long is data stored?
Data is stored on our servers for at least 5 years such that reports may be run across multiple years.
How do I get help with ParlorPal™?
You can download the latest help documentation here. For other support, contact AgriMetrica at (509) 962-1583 or support@agrimetrica.com.
How do I get a list of dairies and their pens to use in ParlorPal™?
The list of dairies and their pens that a user has access to is generated and written to a file by the server online. This file should be downloaded to the handheld for use whenever the list changes. To download this file, click the XML button on the Broswer tab of ParlorPal and follow the instructions.
How do I get updates to the handheld software?
The ParlorPal™ license is an annual subscription to use ParlorPal on one handheld. This license includes all updates to the handheld software. As new updates become available, they will be available for download from the www.agrimetrica.com web site.
How does Consultant Access work?
ParlorPal™ gives an account manager the ability to grant (and revoke) access to the ParlorPal™ system and producer data for consultants, veterinarians, nutritionists, and others. Imagine your specified consultants helping you, monitoring your results, even when they are not on the farm. And... when they make an on-site dairy visit, they will be better armed with knowledge of your test results.

PenPal's Consultant Access System helps protect your data by alleviating the need to share your log-in information with others. As the producer, you have complete control over who has access and who does not. AgriMetrica takes security very seriously with extraordinary measures to protect your data and privacy.

To enroll a consultant, just enter their name and e-mail and click the Add button, and ParlorPal automatically sends them an invitation to join your team of advisors. To remove access, pick the advisor you want removed and click the Remove button.
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