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MilkLab tracks the quality of your milk using advanced Statistical Process Control and graphical visualization tools. MilkLab gives you immediate access to your lab test results via your web browser in an easy to understand visual format.

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The MilkLab data monitoring system provides a visual feedback system for tracking the quality of milk produced by dairies. MilkLab gives the producer and his designated consultants a powerful tool for analyzing production results and making timely and informed farm decisions.

Read on to learn all about the benefits of using MilkLab (or if you're not into reading all this marketing material, click here to see an online demo.)
MilkLab Works With Your Testing Lab or Co-op
Milk test results such as milk fat, protein, somatic cell count (SCC) and milk urea nitrogen (MUN) are transmitted from your testing lab or coop to our secure servers. When you sign up for the MilkLab service, you are given password access to analyze your results. Your milk test results are updated daily providing almost instantaneous feedback. No waiting for the mail! Click here for a list of processors that offer MilkLab service.
MilkLab Provides Powerful Data Analysis
The MilkLab system analyzes trends in milk test results against your dairy's own historical performance using Statistical Process Control (SPC) technology. This trend analysis technique has been used in the manufacturing industry for more than 75 years and can detect whether changes in your dairy's performance are normal "background" variation or the start of a true change (problem). Values that are within expected limits based on historical performance are colored as blue dots while values that are unexpected are marked with red squares.
Discover Problems Quickly with the Email Alert System
MilkLab includes the Email Alert System to help you identify production issues quickly and take corrective action early to avoid costly problems. Each time another value is reported by the laboratory, your dairy's performance is automatically re-evaluated for possible problems. You can configure the system to generate custom alerts based on parameters you specify. In the event a value is outside your specified limits, the Email Alert System will send advisory e-mails to you and your selected consultants.
MilkLab's Consultant Access System Improves Your Consultants Effectiveness
MilkLab gives you the ability to grant (and revoke) access to the MilkLab system and producer data for consultants, veterinarians, nutritionists and others. Imagine your specified consultants helping you, monitoring your results, even when they are not on the farm. And... when they make an on-site dairy visit, they will be better armed with knowledge of your test results.

MilkLab's Consultant Access System helps protect your data by alleviating the need to share your log-in information with others. As the producer you have complete control over who has access and who does not. AgriMetrica takes security very seriously with extraordinary measures to protect your data and privacy.
Collaboration and Annotation Features make MilkLab a Powerful Communications Tool
MilkLab has a special annotation feature that allows you to more quickly interact with your consultants. This secure system allows you to assign consultants that you want the ability to view your data anytime and anywhere they have access to the Internet. Once they have reviewed your dairy's performance, they (and you) can write notes ("annotations") in the dairy's record that the people you choose can see. These notes are stored with your dairy data so that you or your consultant can review what happened on your dairy months later. No more trying to remember what happened when!
Compare Your Farm to Industry Benchmarks
MilkLab's Benchmarking system allows you to compare your farm's results against aggregated results of similar farms. If you have ever wondered 'How do my results compare to other farms like mine', here is the answer.
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