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For Dairy Professionals
ParlorPal helps dairy managers monitor the performance of their people and machinery in the milking parlor by providing feedback on milking procedures, reinforcing proper milking technique, and assuring proper milking machine function.
Welcome to ParlorPal™
This web site covers all the latest information about ParlorPal™, AgriMetrica's parlor-based data collection system for dairies. This system pairs a handheld data collection device on farm with a state-of-the-art data analysis system on the web. Targeted for dairy advisors, ParlorPal provides a streamlined way for consultants to collect and analyze data with no handwriting and minimal typing. Just a few clicks of a stylus on the handheld and the parlor analysis is automatically generated. This system allows users to calculate milking prep times as well as generate a completed milking machine evaluation based on National Mastitis Council (NMC) standards. Licensed on a per user basis, ParlorPal is sold as an annual subscription that includes unlimited use, all software upgrades, and technical support.
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