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For Dairy Professionals
AssessPal is a generic survey system for conducting on-farm dairy assessments.
What is AssessPal™?
The AssessPal™ system is a generic web assessment design system created by Agrimetrica, LLC. This system allows dairy industry experts to create, test, and collect data from questions customized to their needs.

Questions can be designed with nearly any type of response, i.e. yes / no answers, multiple choice answers, date answers, text answers, numeric answers, Lichert scales. The assesment designer may designate a question as mandatory or optional and assign numeric point values to each possible answer such that assessments are automatically scored. Questions may be grouped by what page they appear on ("Pages") or by functional groups ("Sections").

An example section would be Nutrition where nutrition questions could appear on different pages, but would be scored together. For each question, assessment designers can specify a Best Management Practice (BMP) of what is considered the ideal answer. BMP's may be internal items entered into AssessPal website by the designer or can be links to other web sites. Finally, the assessment designer can create an interpretation of different scores by assigning scoring levels.

Completed assessments may be downloaded to a Windows Mobile-based handheld computer using Agrimetrica's Risk Assessment software to perform assessments on the handheld that can be uploaded to the web system.

For assessment participants, AssessPal website allows them to compare themselves to other dairies that have completed the same assessment. While only the participant and the assessment designer can see that participant's individual responses, participants can also see summary information regarding how other dairies responded to the same question. Assessment participants also have access to all the BMP's entered by the assessment designer such that AssessPal can be an extremely useful learning resource.
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