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For Dairy Professionals
Production Economics Calculator (sponsored by Arm & Hammer)
Production Economics Calculator
PROECON.EXE is a dairy economics calculator designed for comparing two different management situations (scenarios): a before ("baseline") scenario and an after ("alternative") scenario. Developed by Dr. Mark Kinsel of Agricultural Information Management, Inc. in cooperation with Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition Group, the calculator is based on a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet developed by Dr. David Galligan at the University of Pennsylvania's Center for Animal Health and Productivity and comes preloaded with internal baseline values based on national averages compiled by Dr. Galligan. Use of this product allows dairy managers to estimate the economic consequences of performance changes from the current situation on their dairy.

System Requirements
PROECON.EXE is designed to run on computers running Windows 95 or higher. Minimum requirements are a hard drive with 5 MB of space and 1 MB of memory.
This software is provided as a service with no guarantee, warranty, or other assurances of accuracy, effectiveness, or usefulness. Neither Agricultural Information Management, Inc. nor the Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition Group (a division of Church & Dwight Co., Inc.) are in any way responsible for damages or losses caused either directly or indirectly by use of this software.
Download and Install
To download and install the software, click on the link below and save the software in the folder of your choice. Open Windows Explorer, navigate to the folder you chose, and double-click the PROECON.EXE file to start the software. The calculator expires on a quarterly basis such that users should download the next version of the software before the end of each quarter (March 31st, June 30th, September 30th, and December 31st).

Click here to download.
How to Use this Program
This software uses the inputs you provide in the baseline and alternative scenarios to estimate the effects of a change in reproductive performance on your dairy herd. Internal calculations based on regression equations derived by Dr. Galligan using research data estimate changes in milk production, culling patterns, herd composition (i.e. the number of calves, heifers, and cows), and expenses. These calculations are based on days of productive life determined by reproductive changes you input.

Running A Comparision

The first step in running a comparison is determine the input values for the baseline scenario (the left column of inputs indicated in white). Next, change the input values for the alternative scenario (the right column indicated in yellow). Once the values have been changed, clicking the Calculate button will calculate the economic results of the alternative scenario relative to the baseline scenario. An unlimited number of different scenarios may be run by changing the values and clicking the Calculate button.

Evaluating The Results

When you have clicked the Calculate button, you will need to compare the results of the two scenarios. Notice that for each scenario a Daily Net Return is calculated. This is the daily profit per cow for the scenario. The box in the lower right hand corner shows the BENEFIT of the alternative scenario RELATIVE to the baseline scenario. In other words, how much better is the new scenario compared to the old. This is displayed on Daily and Annual basis per cow. For example, if the baseline scenario returns $4.06 per cow per day and the alternative scenario returns $4.51 per cow per day, the daily benefit (of the alternative scenario) is $0.45 per cow per day ($4.51 - $4.06). This would translate into $165.93 per cow per year ($0.45 * 365).

Saving And Retrieving Scenarios

You may save the scenarios you have set up to a file for later use by clicking the Save Data button. This will open a dialog asking you for the name of the file to save. The data can be restored by clicking the Read Data button and choosing the file from the displayed list. In this way, scenarios can be stored for later use or given to others for review.

Other Features

Results of an analysis may be printed by clicking the Print button. This will open a standard Windows dialog box asking you to set which printer. Clicking the Web Site button will open your current browser to the Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition Group web site.

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